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An insufferable hissing and high pitched shrieking sounded over the plains. The acid-green of the warriors glowed across the ground and they shrieked up to the plateau above them. Taranus stood at the edge and glared down.
"One more night…I can only take one more night of this." He growled as he turned to face the man behind him. The shining armor and wings of the man were dull in the dawn light. The man sighed and shook his head.
"I understand, sir. I've barely been able to sleep a wink because of their constant screeching." He said, stretching. The wings on his back shifted as he stretched. Taranus walked up to him and patted his armor, the gauntlet on his hand making crunching noises on his shoulder plates.
"Go back to your tent. You have time to sleep before tonight." He said, giving a reassuring look. The man smiled, slammed his hand into his chest, and bowed. As he walked away, Taranus looked toward his camp. He watched as his army moved across the camp, preparing for what was to come.
His armor clad warriors, the Angel warriors, were all doing their duties as given by him or his second-in-command. They were all stern and alert, knowing full well that the enemy was right below them. Taranus knew that they had slept as much as he had and they were under stress and anxiety. He grumbled and started walking toward the war tent.  
The rustling of his armor as he went through the camp brought several heads looking toward him. Every person that saw him beat their chest once and bowed. Respectfully, Taranus nodded to them.
He threw back the curtain-door and stepped into the tent. In front of him stood a large lay-out of the plateau and the plains on a table. He looked around the tent to see his second-in-command talking to one of the others warriors.
"Eliza! I need to speak with you!" He called over the table. A long haired blonde woman looked up, her armor holding the golden band on her shoulder plates of a commanding general. She softly huffed and held her arm out to her side, telling the other warrior to leave. The warrior quickly left, bowing to them both. She growled and put her chin in her hand.
"What is it now, Taranus?" She asked putting her hair behind her ear. He walked around the table, picking up one of the replicas of an Acid warrior. He held it in his hand as he walked to Eliza, admiring the tiny figure and chuckling at the fact that it was almost five times smaller than the palm of his hand.
"Have you finalized the strategy for tonight?" He asked, raising the tiny, misshapen arm on the figure. Eliza sighed and walked to the side of the table and opened her arms.
"We are here," She said pointing to the cluster of angel figures, "They are here. Before night fall, we need to attack them, which should be around eighteen-hundred hours. From the research I gathered from Langer, our weapons should be sufficient enough to kill an Acid in one or two hits, but…" She looked up to Taranus with weary eyes. She sighed and picked up a different Acid warrior replica that looked different from all of the others. She stroked the green feather on the top of its head and held it tightly. "You have to kill Kaiseth." She said sternly. At her statement, Taranus crushed the replica in his hand, dropping the ceramic bits in the dirt.
Suddenly, the tent curtain burst open, a frantic man running in. He panted and stepped up to them, seeming small compared to them.
"Doctor…Langer…has your…scythe ready…for you…Taranus. He…wants to…see you…sir." The man said in between breathes. Taranus growled, his wings ruffling and drawing back. Eliza sighed and nodded to the man.
"Tell him we will be with him in a moment." She said calmly. She plucked a gold feather from her wing and gave it to the messenger, giving him proof of her message. The messenger gently held the feather and quickly ran out. Taranus stepped on the ceramic pieces in the dirt and ground them further into the dirt.
"Damn Langer…" He muttered. Eliza huffed and turned to him.
"You really don't appreciate what he's given you, do you?" She said glaring and crossing her arms over her chest. He clinched his fist and went to the door.
"I didn't ask to be an Angel. I wanted to stay human and normal, but now I'm stuck being a gigantic birdman. All I wanted was to be head-general. Besides that, he's the reason for this damned war!" He exclaimed. Eliza walked beside him and shook her head. She touched the soft white feathers of his wings.
"This is a gift, Taranus. You should be thankful for it. Your strength and wings are partially what make you head-general. Also, Langer's weapons are the ones that are going to win this war. He's given us a lot. Don't hate him for trying to fix his mistakes." She said. Taranus looked at her, slightly glancing at her armor. He sighed and shook his head.
"He still created this war…" He muttered. Eliza closed her eyes for a moment and looked to the camp. Though she wasn't the highest in command, she felt it was her job to defend the warriors, even against verbal negativity from Taranus. She knew they didn't regret Langer's augmentations. They praised Langer for it. She sighed and looked up the clearing.
White coats rushed across the clearing, holding metal pieces and different pieces of random contraptions. Taranus and Eliza stepped into the chaos, looking down at the men. Taranus looked to the table on the far side and glared. "Langer, you wanted us?" He called.
Dr. Langer looked up and grinned. He straightened his glasses and bowed. He groaned as he straightened his back and ran his fingers through his short, brown hair.
"Yes. I would like your approval on my work for your scythe. I do believe I have done well." He said walking to the other side of the clearing. Taranus slowly followed him, letting Eliza go ahead of him.
"Doctor…I don't mean to be a nuisance, but…have you finished mine?" Eliza said looking down to him. Langer chuckled and shifted his coat.
"Why yes. Forgive me for not mentioning it to my messenger." He looked back to Taranus for a moment. "I would like to impress you first, though." Langer came to another table with a large black cloth over top of it. He took a handful of it and pulled it away. Taranus' eyes lit up and he started chuckling.
A huge silver rod with a massive blade lay in front of them. The blade had large indents in it, but they were bubbled over with a clear material. Langer stepped aside and held his arm out. Taranus took the handle and swung it upward. The blade swung lightly and straight. Langer raised his index finger. "There is one thing that makes this different from your average scythe." He said pointing to the rod. Taranus looked at it and found a small button on it. Langer stepped back and nodded.
Taranus pressed the button and the scythe suddenly clicked. The bubbled indentions filled with an orange liquid, heat waves coming off of the metal. The metal started to radiate heat, the heat not traveling to the rod.
"Wow, Doc…how'd you do this?" Taranus asked. Langer smiled with pride.
"The thick orange liquid in the crevices is something I like to call evermagma. It stays liquefied at all times and can produce heat as hot as the sun. The titanium is coated with an aloe that will keep the metal from warping, but your armor is still susceptible to melting. This can cut through anything with ease. I set up a small test target." He finished and showed a large timber log in the center of the clearing, all of Langer's assistants cleared away. Taranus got an excited smile and held the scythe tightly. He started sprinting forward, holding the blade over his head.
A couple feet away from the wood, he sliced down. Taranus pulled up the scythe, admiring the damage on the log. The log had an ash-ember mark going down the middle. It held together for a few seconds before falling on either side, embers flying into the air. Eliza clapped in admiration.
"Very nice, Taranus. Very stunning." She said. Taranus pushed the button on the side and put the scythe over his shoulders. He looked at Langer and smirked.
"Maybe there is a reason to like you after all." He said. Langer bowed his head.
"Glad to know I'm not liable to be killed at the moment." He said. Eliza stepped up to Langer and touched his shoulder. Langer looked up and patted her hand. "Come on." He turned to another table. As Langer went for the cloth, Eliza tapped her feet anxiously. The cloth came off and Eliza's eyes lit up.
A bow wrapped in silver ribbons lay on the table. A single arrow lay beside it, several quivers lying underneath the table. Eliza, delicately, picked up the bow, running her fingers over it. She looked at Langer for a moment.
"Are you sure it was safe to use wood for it?" She asked. Langer smiled, his pride almost radiating over his head.
"Afromosia wood is one of the strongest woods. Also, to be safe, there are two steel rods going through the bow." Langer chuckled a little, "The silver ribbons were just to make it a little more womanly." Eliza smiled and put the bow down. She picked up the arrow and admired it closely. The tip was a cylindrical cone, a hollow cave-like crevice inside. The feathers on the end looked like short angel feathers.
"The little chamber here…is it for evermagma?" She asked. Langer nodded and raised his finger again. He went behind the table and bent down, picking up a container. He waved Eliza over and pulled the thick lid off.
"The material that keeps the magma in is only susceptible to the Acid warriors' skin." He said taking the arrow and jamming his thumb on the end of the shaft on the feather's side. He pushed the container to Eliza, showing her the acid inside. He waited for a second for the evermagma to fill the chamber and dropped the tip of the arrow into the container.
Eliza watched as the cooled acid started to boil. It hissed and slowly turned black. Langer touched the arrow, but it was stuck in the acid, now as hard as stone. "Even though the acid was cooler than the warrior's blood, their blood will turn black or congeal so they can't reassemble if their limbs are dismembered. Also, since they were originally human, if you ever sever a major artery or vein it will become solidified and will kill them slowly." Langer explained. Taranus suddenly chuckled, amused at the death of the enemy. Eliza shook her head and smiled down to Langer.
"Thank you, sir. I…we greatly appreciate it." She said. Langer bowed his head and looked up to the sky, shielding his eyes.
"You two should get some rest. A few hours of sleep would do you well later on." He said. Taranus and Eliza nodded once. Eliza took her bow and one quiver and put it over her shoulder. She looked back at Langer.
"We're going to see you before the battle, yes?" She asked. Langer sighed and turned around.
"Yes. I will be…observing." He said over his shoulder. Eliza turned back to Taranus and started walking back with him. She looked at him.
"What do you make of his last comment? He sounded disappointed." She muttered. Taranus sighed and shifted his scythe.
"Wouldn't you be? His creations are going to destroy themselves and all he can do is watch now. He's probably created a list of all of his regrets he still has about everything he's done." He said. He scowled. "I know I would." He muttered. Eliza grimaced as she though of everything she knew Langer had done. She understood that he had done wrong. All of it was on the plains now.
Eliza stopped at her tent. She looked at Taranus and smirked.
"Don't do anything stupid, Taranus." She said. He shook his head and continued walking down the trail of tents. He looked down at the ground as he walked. Being alone, now, gave him the ability to focus on himself.
He mostly thought of his problems with Dr. Langer. Taranus couldn't stand the thought of him living after the battle. He was surprised no body has assassinated him already. Taranus was sure he wasn't the only one that disliked being augmented. All of his soldiers weren't voluntary soldiers. They were brainwashed by Langer. Taranus knew, though, that they remembered the way they were before. They remembered when they could stare a man in the eyes without having to look down at them.
Taranus came to his tent and went inside. The inside was too simple. A cot was on the right with a small wood trunk on the left. He reached up his back and popped a hook on his armor and pulled the chest plate forward. It easily slipped off, leaving Taranus in a thin white long sleeved shirt. He stretched his arms up, his wings stretching to his sides. He unhooked the latches on the bottom part of armor and kicked it to the small chest. Brushing a couple feathers off of the cot, he softly put himself on it and hugged the pillow. He stretched his wings out completely, taking up the entire tent floor. He groaned and smiled, enjoying the comfort of relaxation.
Within a few more moments, he was asleep.

"Hurry…he's blee…everywhere." A man muttered above Taranus. Taranus saw everything in blurs and noise only came to him in broken mutters. Every time he slowly opened his eyes, the blurs of light rushed by and a white-coated man constantly looked back down at him.
"What's going on?" Taranus asked, unable to speak clearly. A woman on the other side of him softly put her hand on his short, brown hair, tears seeming to lie on her eyelids. She put her long, blonde bangs behind her ears and grimaced.
"You had an accident. There was an explosion at the camp, a suicide by one of your men. You…" She turned around for a moment to gain her composure, "You were the only survivor." She said. Taranus closed his eyes for a moment, moving his hands to his stomach. He felt his skin, and then he felt something wet and a hole that was further than his stomach. He felt blood. His organs. Part of his ribs. He realized he was torn open. He was dying.
"I'm no survivor…" He muttered. The woman looked away from him and whimpered.
He suddenly hit two doors with what he was laying on, a gurney he presumed. The light became brighter and he heard more voices.
"What happened?" Someone called. Taranus opened his mouth to speak, but no sound came out. The girl walked in front of him, Taranus watching her walk away. He was shocked to see wings on her back. He thought he was just hallucinating.
"A man in his platoon committed suicide by explosive, killing everyone except for this one. Shrapnel tore into his abdomen, mostly, and he hasn't stopped bleeding." The woman said. Taranus tried to remember this, but he couldn't remember anything of it. He didn't even feel the pain.
"He's been like this for a little less than half an hour. Somehow, he's still vaguely conscious." A man said behind him. He heard the snapping of rubber gloves and sighed. I'm just going to die anyway.
"Bring multiple bags and ADNA." A deeper voice said over him.
"But sir...that's still experimental. I don't know if it'll-"
"It worked for Eliza. It'll work for him. Go, now!" He demanded. He looked at Taranus and smiled. "Christopher Langer at your service." Taranus stared up at the man and grimaced. The eyes behind his glasses hid something dark and he knew it. ADNA sounded familiar to him and the feeling he got when trying to remember made his spine shiver.
Langer laughed and looked back down. Taranus jolted. Langer's eyes were black and his tongue was lying over his mouth. It slowly turned acid-green and his skin started to change. Taranus looked around for but everyone except for the angel girl, Eliza, was gone. He reached out for her. She ignored him.
The new Langer, a feathered Acid warrior, grabbed him by the throat and laughed.
"K-Kaiseth…" Taranus choked. Kaiseth plunged his hand into Taranus' abdomen, rupturing and burning every organ and piece of flesh he touched. Taranus yelled out in pain, jolting and grabbing at his arm.
"You'll be just like me. Hated. Evil. And worst of all…" He ran his acid-green, long tongue up Taranus' face, burning his skin. "An Acid." He said laughing. Taranus squirmed at the pain, growling and slowly getting weaker.

Taranus jolted up, his face shocked and covered in sweat. He looked up and down his stomach, trying to find his exposed abdomen. He found no blood and quickly went for the wood chest next to his cot. He threw the clothes out and found his plate mirror. As he looked, he saw his bright blue eyes and short blonde hair. He stretched out his back, his wings stretching out beside him. He sighed and wrapped his wings around himself.
The tent was silent as Taranus tried to calm himself, keeping his wings around himself to keep him warm. His clothes were now everywhere, unfolded and scattered. He held his mirror on his lap and tapped the glass every few seconds.
The curtain slowly opened and an unarmored Eliza walked in. She smiled until Taranus didn't look up at her.
"Taranus…are you alright?" She asked. Taranus put the mirror down and sighed. He shook his head and laid back down, turning away. Eliza sat on the bed and put her hand on his wing. "You can tell me. Did you have a bad dream?" She asked. Taranus put his wing over his face.
"Don't make me sound like a child." He growled. Eliza softly laughed and moved her hand onto his shoulder. She started rubbing his arms.
"I know you're not a child. Nightmares can hurt adults, too. Please. Tell me." She said. She continued to rub his arms, he sighed. He turned back around and let her lay onto his stomach. He wrapped his wings around her and looked at her softly.
"When we first met. You know. The accident. Well…it was only worse because when Langer looked over me, he changed. He was…Kaiseth. He burned into my stomach and anything he touched when he jammed his hand into my stomach. And then, he said I'd be just like him. I'd be an Acid." He said looking back up at her. Eliza's eyes suddenly got wide and her lip trembled for a moment. Taranus raised an eyebrow and brought her closer. "What's wrong?" He asked. Tears edged over her eyes and reluctantly stayed back.
"I had that dream. I did everything like that day except…I watched him hurt you. I watched your skin burn and I heard you scream. I wanted to help you and I wanted to kill him, but no matter how much I tried, I couldn't move." She said with a trembling voice. Taranus' mouth opened a little and he frowned. He softly her head and she went into his shoulder and started to cry. "I don't want to lose you, Taranus. I'm afraid something terrible is going to happen." She said wrapping her arms around his chest. He held her tighter and has a pained expression across his face.
Taranus didn't think it was a coincidence that they both had the same dream. He felt that something was going to happen. Something terrible.
"Eliza…?" He muttered softly. She sniffled and slowly brought her head back up, rubbing her eyes.
"Hmm?" She muttered back. He smiled and wiped her cheek.
"Why did you come to visit me just now?" He asked. She slowly wrapped her fingers around his hand and lay against his wing. Her cheeks turned a light pink as she thought of her answer.
"I wanted to see you before the battle. Being with you, I thought, would calm my nerves. It always does." She said. He smiled and closed his wings further around her. They put their foreheads together and closed their eyes.
"Do you think…after the war…" Taranus started but trailed off. Eliza smiled and kissed his lips.
"If we make it out of this alive, we will get out of everything. No more armor. No more Angels. Just living a semi-normal life. And we can stay together for ever." She said. Taranus opened his eyes and met her icy blue eyes that shined down at him. He wiped the last tear from her cheek and kissed her.
"Far as long as we both shall live."

"General Taranus! General Taranus!" Someone called outside of the tent. A woman suddenly busted into the tent to find Taranus and Eliza asleep beside each other. She blushed for a moment and stammered for a moment. "O-oh…General Eliza…"
Eliza opened her eyes and sat up quickly.
"L-Lauran! What is it? What's wrong?" She asked frantically. Taranus groaned and opened an eye. Lauran bowed and scratched her head.
"Dr. Langer wanted me to get you. It is nearly sundown and the warriors of both sides are organizing." She said. Eliza groaned and waved her out.
"We'll be there in a moment." She said. Lauran quickly got out, still with rosy cheeks. Taranus shifted his wing out from underneath Eliza and huffed.
"Damn Kaiseth. Damn Langer. Damn it all." He growled rubbing his face. Eliza sighed and got out of the cot.
"I'll meet you outside. My armor's back at my tent." She said going out of the tent. Taranus grabbed his upper armor and snapped the latches, growling and cursing the entire time.
"I finally give myself to Eliza and, of course, I'm going to end up dead. Just great. Gah!" He tensed up, his wings ruffling. Feathers fell to the floor. Taranus watched a long feather fall to the dirt. It fell onto the mirror and sat against the glass. He brushed it off and looked into the mirror.
He saw his short blonde hair and ran his fingers through it. His dark blue eyes shined with the new rest he finally had obtained. As he stared at himself, he felt something odd in the back of his mind. He continued to stare into the mirror, the image of himself changing to something different.
Kaiseth suddenly stared at him from the mirror. His acid green eyes almost burned as Taranus stared.
"I told you before. You will be just like me. Acid burning in your blood." He muttered harshly. Taranus growled and threw the mirror to the ground. As he flipped the final latch on the bottom armor, he stepped on the mirror and smashed it into the ground. Taranus grabbed his head, shaking it vigorously to get the image of Kaiseth out of his head.
"Insanity…pure insanity…" He chanted as he tried to focus. Ringing echoed in his ears and he started to get a headache. Taking a deep breath, he didn't sense anything Acid-like anymore. He sighed and looked down at the shards beneath his feet. Looking at them made Taranus' face twist into a scowl and build a fire in his chest. He snarled and continued to smash the shards smaller and smaller until they were no bigger than a speck of dust.
He quickly got out of the tent and looked around. He was startled to see no one around. The tents still stood but no one stood around them and nothing made a noise. He looked toward the plains and saw the feathered silhouette that he was looking for. He ran to Eliza, knowing it would take too long to open his wings. She didn't move as his armor loudly clanked toward her. "Eliza?" He said touching her shoulder. She gasped and jolted around, her hand flying to her chest. She sighed and grimaced.
"I'm sorry, Taranus. I'm just…worried." She said taking his hands for a few long moments. He sighed and kissed her cheek.
"There's nothing to worry about. We'll be fine." He said. Eliza shook her head and opened her wings.
"I'd like to believe that." She said jumping off the ground and flapping her wings away from Taranus. He watched her fly away for a moment and decided to follow her.
As he flew toward the edge of the plateau, he saw a small bit of the plains below it. Green heads and black patches of charred skin littered the plains along with the growing shrieks and screams of the warriors. He looked across them and figured there were only a couple thousand of them, but even at that, the Angels were completely outnumbered.  There were only two hundred and fifty of them, not counting the failed experiments Dr. Langer killed before. The only way to kill them quickly was to kill Kaiseth, and that was almost unfathomable.
He looked to the edge of the plateau and saw the Angels lined up across the edge. They all stood with their swords up and glowing. He landed next to Eliza, who held his scythe. Langer stood to his other side, staring over the plains blankly. Taranus took his scythe and looked down at Langer.
"Here to watch your work die off?" He said in a half growl. Langer didn't move his eyes away, but turned to him and huffed.
"Work…this is nothing like that. This is a man-made hell. It's going to burn me in the acid I created and kill me with my own weapons." His eyes turned to Taranus and he grinned. "It will be fun to watch." Taranus' eye twitched and he suddenly snapped. He grabbed Langer by the throat and raised him up to eyelevel.
"You think this is funny?! You love watching your pawns destroy themselves?! You created this and have destroyed every other life here! Every Acid and Angel, it's all your fault! You should've let me die with the rest of the failures of yours. You created Kaiseth and thus killed every human that once enjoyed their lives. You killed them!" He screamed. Langer started turning red but didn't struggle against his grip. Eliza gasped and started pounding on Taranus' shoulder armor plates.
"Let him go! Stop it, Taranus!" She cried. Taranus looked at her and growled. He put Langer down, he didn't even gasp for air. "He knows what he's done. You think he doesn't?" She said. Langer straightened himself.
"Indeed, Eliza. Regrets are all my life is based on now. Taranus, I didn't let you bleed to death because I knew you were one of the strongest, even at the point of death, and I knew I could make you better. I knew even then that you were the only one that could kill Kaiseth." He said. Taranus growled and turned back to the Acids. Eliza frowned and looked to Langer. He nodded and turned back around.
Taranus stared over the plains as his ears rang at the shrieks and angry hisses. He looked to the back of the army to find the feathered head that he was looking for. Kaiseth stood and stared with his acid eyes at the Angels. Taranus cringed; he could've sworn he was staring right at him.
Langer also looked at Kaiseth, but not in the same way Taranus did. He looked at him in pity, remembering what he had done to him. The torture he had caused.

"But the acid has been a complete failure. All subjects have died horribly. We can't do this again!" Dr. Calder pounded her fist on the desk angrily. Langer folded his hands on his lips and thought, remembering the deafening screams of the dying victims. He sighed and put his hands flat on the desk.
"Nesa, don't try this again. I am going to find a way to get this to work." He calmly said. Nesa put her hands in her brown hair and growled.
"What is wrong with you?  We can't kill anymore prisoners!" She shouted. "Don't do this, Chris. I don't want to have to watch that again." She said. He stood up and stood next to her.
"I won't quit. My job is to make killers. The acid has a make-up to bind with DNA. I just need to find the component to make it happen." He said. Nesa shook her head and went for the door.
"I will do what you need me to, but don't make me watch them burn." She said opening the door. He nodded and let her go.
He suddenly clenched a handful of papers and threw it at the door. He snarled and put his glasses on his desk. The room fell silent as he started to think.
His failures were haunting him and causing him not to be trusted anymore. He pounded on the desk and groaned,
"I don't have anything left…" He said. He leaned against the desk, feeling defeated and hopeless. As he stared at the papers, he started seeing different words on them. 'Angel.' "DNA.' 'Answer.' The words almost literally jumped out at him.
He quickly looked around to his cabinets and started looking through them. He found a vial labeled 'ADNA' and ran out of the room. He looked down the white halls and ran to the room where the acid experiments were being held. "Give me a sample. Now!" He commanded one of his assistants. The assistant panicked and quickly gave him a sample of the cooled acid.
Putting a drop of ADNA on a glass slide, he checked the cells in a microscope before adding a drop of acid to the slate. As he watched the two drops collide, he started chuckling. The acid grabbed at the few Angel cells and seeped into it, turning the red cells light green. The cells didn't break down or dissipate like he expected. Langer started laughing.
"Get these to Nesa and tell her I found a way."

"The prisoner is in place, sir." An assistant said to Langer. Langer stared at the incapacitated man in front of him that lay on the upright table. He was bald and strong built but not tall like Langer. Langer smiled and went to metal cart.
"Sir…don't you think this may be a bad idea? The acid tests showed that the bio-signs of the acid itself were very aggressive and infectious. Don't you think the attributes would be inherited into the host and cause the host to attain the hostility? He would be more aggressive and dangerous. For heaven's sake, this man committed a triple homicide! This could an extremely bad idea!" Another assistant cried. Langer quickly ignored him and took the syringe off the tray. He pushed up his glasses.
"Do not prevent me from doing my job." He muttered sternly. The white coats quickly drew back and let Langer to the man. He looked at the man's prisoner uniform. The name on the right side of his chest read 'Kaiseth.' Langer chuckled. "Rather peculiar…"
The syringe sat on Kaiseth's skin as Langer slowly plunged the needle into his forearm. He pushed down on the plunger and the light green liquid disappeared into his vein. Kaiseth flinched and growled, but didn't open his eyes. Langer grinned.
"Now we wait…"

Kaiseth screamed and shouted, thrashing in pain. All of the doctors and assistants stood behind the mirrored glass, staring at Kaiseth with scared and terrified gazes.
"How much more can he scream? If the pain is so much, why doesn't he just die?" Nesa said. She folded her arms and put her fingers on her lips. The other white coats couldn't answer. The terror overwhelmed them.
Langer walked into the dark room and stood by Nesa. He looked down at her.
"The Angel serum is powerful enough to repair a broken body. The Acid can destroy it. They are fighting each other until the host dies or until they balance each other out. The way his body looks now, I'm sure it won't take much longer." He said with a smirk. Nesa cringed at another blood curdling scream. She turned to Langer and dropped her hand from her face,
"…you're enjoying this, aren't you? You're enjoying his pain? His scream makes you happy, doesn't it?" She asked with glassy eyes. Langer sighed and shook his head.
"You don't see what I see, Nesa." He answered. She state at him and quickly turned away.
"I don't care what you see. I'm sure everyone in here, including myself, sees the horrors of a pain-stricken man." She said going to the hallways. The room was silent as the white coats stared up at Langer. One of them stepped forward with their head down.
"Sir…may we-?" Langer waved his hand, sending them away. They all quickly rushed out, leaving Langer alone.
He stared at Kaiseth, watching him thrash and yell aimlessly. Langer noted in his mind how much Kaiseth had changed since the injection. His skin had started to blacken with acid green veins through his body. Where he had been bald before, feathers had started to sprout on his head. Though he was strange now, Langer couldn't help but be confused on why he wouldn't open his eyes.
"Over these days, you have impressed me. Dealing with the pain for so long. Something tells me you'll impress me more if you survive." Langer said, knowing he was only talking to himself. Suddenly, Kaiseth stopped moving and crying out. Langer jolted and waited for a response.
Kaiseth panted and cringed, calming quickly from his tantrum. He started growling and his eyes shot open. Langer jolted again. They color of his eyes radiated to match the color of the blood in his veins. He glared at Langer, even through the mirrored glass. Langer's grin became wider as he stared into the brilliant green on his eyes.
"Always impressing me…"

Langer's head was on his desk, softly snoring. Being so far into his work had caused him to fall asleep while writing a report. He looked relaxed and calm for once, his glasses off and lying next to him.
A sudden high pitched shriek startled him awake. He blinked a couple times and another shriek sounded, coming from the halls. He stood up to open the door, when Nesa ran into the room, wide-eyed and panting.
"Chris! He's escaping! You have to help!" She cried. Langer blinked a couple more times, still half conscious. A white coat ran down the hallway, screaming in terror and running from the testing room. He jolted and started running out the door. As he turned to the testing room, a white coat flew into the wall, her arm and a chunk of her stomach gone. Langer looked at the wounds to find that the wounds were still burning, acid eating away at her skin.
"Kaiseth!" Langer yelled. He looked into the room to see a full black skinned, green veined, acid eyed, feather headed man holding a man by his neck. Kaiseth looked at him and smiled wide, sharp teeth protruding from his face.
"Christopher…nice to see you again."  He said in a raspy growl. Langer looked at the man in Kaiseth's hand, who was still struggling. Kaiseth chuckled deeply, hisses escaping his teeth. He threw the man to the ground, breaking the tiles underneath him. His arm suddenly changed, changing into a misshapen blade, and stabbed the man through the stomach. Langer jolted back as the man screamed in pain until Kaiseth twisted his arm.
"Stop this.  There's no need for all of this death." Langer said. Kaiseth laughed and stood up. Blood dripped off of his arm and burned against his skin.
"Of course it's not needed. It is just amusing to hear them scream." He hissed. Langer looked to Kaiseth's side to see several scalpels and a small tranquilizer. Langer grinned and slowly started toward Kaiseth.
"I could let you escape and you could do as you please." Langer insisted. Kaiseth glared down at him and clenched his fists. He grabbed him by the neck and slammed him into the glass cabinet. Langer cried out as glass and chemicals went into his back.
"You did this to me. You are not getting out of this alive." Kaiseth growled. Langer choked and looked to the doorway.
"Nesa! Get the tranquilizer…now!" He shouted. Nesa quickly ran into the room and fumbled with the syringe. Kaiseth slammed Langer into the cabinet again and dropped him. Langer fell to the ground, bleeding and groaning. "Nesa…" He moaned. He looked up to see Kaiseth holding Nesa by her shoulders. She squirmed and kicked her legs. She held the syringe in her hand and she tried to push it in to his arm. Kaiseth laughed and held her still.
She suddenly raised her arm up far enough and slammed the needle into his arm. The needle went into his skin and stuck in. She watched as the syringe started glowing red and the glass tube exploded from the heat. She stared at his arm and then into his eyes. The moment she looked at him, he moved his head forward quickly, sinking his teeth into her skin. She screamed in agony. Langer shot up.

Langer's eyes opened to the plains again. The Angels and Acids still stood at the ready, wielding swords and claws. He quickly took a deep breath and looked up to Taranus.
Taranus closed his eyes and took a deep breath of his own before looking at Eliza. He smiled and whistled a long single high note. Eliza whistled with him, the Angels opening their wings and jumping off the edge. The Acids screamed and charged.
Taranus flew up and went straight for Kaiseth. Kaiseth looked up at him and suddenly let out a high shriek. Acids jumped up and grabbed onto Taranus' feet. He frantically flapped his wings, trying to stay in the air. He swung down with the scythe, cutting into two of them with one swing. More clung to his feet, snapping at his ankles and screaming. He swung the scythe but couldn't reach any of them. He yelled out and couldn't swing them off.
An arrow flew into one of the heads of the warriors. The warrior screamed, its eyes turning black and the veins in his head losing their glow. The other fell with an arrow to the neck. Taranus looked behind him to see Eliza raise her bow to him. Over the sound of clashing metal and shrieking, he whistled a songbird call to her. She whistled another to him and continued shooting down the plateau.
Taranus rushed back toward Kaiseth only to find that he was gone. He looked through the mob, only seeing the bald heads of the other Acids. He quickly snarled and dropped into the chaos.
Swinging back and forth, the Acids fell by Taranus' scythe into screaming heaps of charred remains. Taranus stepped almost in rhythm as he swung it around. The evermagma seemed to be doing its job as the Acids weren't able to morph back together after he sliced their limbs off and eventually cut them in half.
The other Angels did well to kill their share of warriors with nearly graceful fighting. Taranus looked up to see one of the Angels lose their footing and fall to the dirt. He remembered the man's face as the man he had spoken to at the dawn earlier. He watched for a moment more before Acids pounced on him claws and teeth first. Taranus turned away and tried to block out the screams of agony behind him

An arrow slipped from Eliza's fingers and sunk into the target in her sight. She picked up another quiver and added another arrow to her fingers. She didn't pay much attention to which she shot as long as the body she shot was black and green.
Her eyes, though, flicked back and forth over the battlefield, searching for Taranus and Kaiseth. Taranus was easy to spot with the glowing scythe, but Kaiseth wasn't noticeable at all on the battlefield. Some of the smaller skirmishes broke off and separated, exposing small patches of ground. Every other time Eliza saw one, she thought she saw Kaiseth.
She looked beside her to see that Dr. Langer hadn't moved an inch since the battle had begun.
"Doctor! You should go. They're trying to get up here." She said to him. He snorted and took his coat off.
"Maybe I should save them the trouble." He said. Eliza jolted and went to reach for him when an Acid screeched at her from below. She quickly went for an arrow, but when she looked to see Langer he was walking toward a ledge that led down the incline. "Doctor, wait!" She called. When she saw that he was nearly at the battlefield, she hesitantly let him go.
She rapidly fired downward while thinking of what Langer was trying to do. She thought of how he said regrets were his life now and a cold chill ran through her chest. He was going to burn in the acid he created.

The battle raged on and clashed around the new addition to the battle. Langer walked among the two types of warriors and calmly sighed as every blow he got in the way of missed him.
He walked forward almost like he was being led by an unnatural force inside him. Acids constantly looked at him and hissed, but didn't lunge or attack. He snorted. 'They know their father.'
The weapons he had created went past his head, almost burning him by the heat of the evermagma. The Angels looked at him in shock as they watched him walk among them. He didn't look back at them, too composed in himself to care.
A clearing opened up for him and there he found what was pulling him to it. A deep hissing chuckle sounded over the clearing.
"Christopher…you've found your way, I see." Kaiseth said. Langer took off his glasses and put them in his pants pocket. He didn't say a word and Kaiseth hissed. "Even out of your doctoral uniform, you are still as stern as a steel rod." Langer growled and stepped forward.
"I may be the reason for your body, but you are the reason for my ruin." He said. Kaiseth smiled and sighed. He stepped up to Langer and looked down at him.
"You must understand that your ruin was also your own doing. You didn't have to use the homicidal killer that I am, Christopher. There were many other prisoners to use, but you knew what I was. Or you could've killed me in the beginning. You had choices." He said. He suddenly chuckled. "You could've saved the first human I changed." Langer's heart suddenly ached and he clenched his fists.
"Nesa…" He muttered. Kaiseth's chuckle quickly became louder and almost was louder than the constant shrieks of the Acids.
Langer jolted and pulled something out of his pocket. He quickly threw his arm out, throwing a small cylinder with a needle point. Kaiseth jolted back as the needle sunk into his chest. The cylinder clicked and Kaiseth suddenly shrieked, making him quickly pull it out of him. A hole was now in his chest, inviting what had been injected into him into to come back out. He clutched his chest as an orange liquid leaked through his fingers. Every touch of the liquid gave an intense burn to his skin. He looked up and glared at Langer.
"What is this?!" He yelled and screamed in pain. Langer cracked his fingers and grinned a little.
"It is the same liquid that is destroying your army. Evermagma." He said. Kaiseth reached inside of his chest and growled. He cringed and pulled his hand, revealing a glowing hand. He started chuckling and flicked his hand.
"You missed, Christopher. Your ingenious liquid missed my heart." He said, his arm changing into the blade that destroyed Langer's laboratory. Langer snorted. He wasn't trying to kill him. He only wanted to weaken him for Taranus.
Kaiseth walked forward and grabbed Langer's shoulder. With a swift movement, he slammed his arm into Langer's stomach. Langer choked and yelled as Kaiseth's skin burned into his organs. Kaiseth hissed and looked down at him. "And it finally comes to an end. Years of torture and pain come to a screeching halt. How the world will be different without you, Christopher." He growled. Langer started to pant, blood dripping from his lips.  Kaiseth jolted, his arm tearing up to Langer's chest, and pulled his arm out. Langer fell to the dirt, blood and acid spilling onto the ground. His eyes were still open, the blue in them almost dull enough to be black.
Kaiseth stepped over the body and lifted his foot over Langer's head. Before his foot went into Langer's skull, a harsh wind suddenly hit his back, distracting him for a moment. He looked behind him to see Taranus standing with his glowing scythe in hand.
Taranus growled and looked below Kaiseth. His eyes widened at the sight of Langer's body.
"Langer…what was he doing here?" He muttered to himself. Kaiseth growled and cringed. His claws curled into the hole in his chest, the evermagma still burning in his body. Taranus looked at the wound and smirked. 'Clever, Langer.'
"So…Taranus. How does it feel to be the only hope of the Angel army? To know that Christopher had higher expectations of you than the others?" He chuckled, "To know you will fail…" Taranus clutched his scythe tighter and growled. He stayed quiet and let the Acid shrieks take over the silence. Kaiseth snarled and crouched. "You're nothing special." Taranus smirked and raised the scythe.
"It's not about being special.  It's about being the one that lives at the end." He said. Kaiseth leapt forward, growling and trying to pounce on Taranus. He raised the scythe's rod over his face, stopping Kaiseth's teeth from entering his skin. Taranus looked at Kaiseth for a moment, acid dripping off of his mouth like spit. He threw him off and swung the scythe down.
"I don't think so." Kaiseth growled. He jumped up and kicked up, catching Taranus in the cheek. "I'm not going to make it easy for you." He hissed. Taranus fell back and dropped the blade. He jolted and tried to reach for it when Kaiseth stepped on his arm. "Your armor can only protect you so well." He said thrusting his foot against the metal. The plates bent in, stabbing into his arm. Taranus cried out and swept his feet under Kaiseth. He fell on his back, a hiss escaping his teeth.
Taranus jumped up, grabbed the scythe, and quickly swung down on Kaiseth. Kaiseth screeched as his arm was cut off, the veins in the appendage going black. Kaiseth's eyes seemed to burn hotter as he glared at Taranus. "You're going to pay for that." He snarled. Taranus cringed and snarled back.
"Bring it on." He growled. Kaiseth jumped up and lunged at him, knocking his scythe further away and pinning him to the ground. He started punching Taranus' face, snarling and continuously hitting him. Taranus brought a wing out from underneath his back and knocked Kaiseth off. He hissed and jumped back.
Taranus spit up blood and clawed his way back up. He was now worn and tired. He had killed more than several dozen of the Acids before he found Kaiseth, Now he was hurt and his head was almost beaten to a pulp. Kaiseth was wounded as well and he was still ready to fight. Taranus looked for his scythe but it was too far away to get in time. He swore and looked back to Kaiseth.
Kaiseth was crippled and angry. His left arm was missing and the hole in his chest still had evermagma burning inside of him. His teeth shone in the darkness of the night, the green veins reflecting off of them. He looked around to the rest of his Acid army to see there were a lot of them left but the bodies were falling too fast for him. He knew he was going to lose even if Taranus couldn't kill him.
He roared and slammed into Taranus, clawing at his armor plates on his shoulder. Taranus tried to get him off and hurt him at the same time. A plate ripped off of his side and Kaiseth jammed his claws into his revealed weak spot. Taranus yelled and put his hands around Kaiseth's neck and tried to push him off. Kaiseth pushed Taranus back and jumped at him teeth first. His teeth connected with the hole in Taranus' side and he yelled in agony.
Kaiseth held on for a few more seconds before he knew the acid had entered Taranus' blood stream. Taranus squirmed as his body started to burn. Kaiseth started laughing as he stood up.
"How does it feel? I doubt you had any idea you would be changing sides during this battle." He snarled. Taranus groaned and glared up at him.
"I had a hunch…" He muttered. Kaiseth shook his head and huffed. He looked up to the sky and let out an ear piercing scream. The Acids responded with a chorus of different shrieks.
Taranus looked above him to see the rod of his scythe less than an arm's length away. He looked to check if Kaiseth was still turned away and grabbed it. He tensed his arm and took a deep breath. He swung it over his body and threw it.
The scythe swung once and went through Kaiseth's stomach. It hit the ground with a loud clang and thump.  Kaiseth looked down at himself and touched his stomach. Acid dripped through his fingers and he looked back to Taranus.
All of the Acids suddenly stopped moving and screamed. Their bodies started to melt away, sinking to the ground. Some fell and turned into gelatinous puddles of hisses and screams. The rest melted slowly into their feet. The rest of the Angels stared in confusion and shock as all of the Acids died in front of them.
Taranus and Kaiseth continued to stare at each other for a moment more. Kaiseth smirked.
"The Acids will never truly die. We will live on in you." He hissed. Taranus touched his side and winced. Kaiseth fell to his knees and fell apart, his body falling in different places from each other. Taranus leaned back and put the back of his head against the ground, staring at the stars. He closed his eyes and sighed.

Eliza flew down the plateau and looked around frantically.
"Has anybody seen Taranus? Please tell me someone has!" She cried.  The Angels she went to all shook their heads and looked away. Her lips trembled and tears ran down her face. "Taranus!" She screamed.
She ran through the puddles of acid, the acid already black and lost of glowing luster. She looked over the battlefield only seeing acid puddles, plates of armor, and the occasional fallen Angel. She could only see other bodies except for his, which made her hope his was still moving. "Taranus!"
She looked further ahead to see Taranus' scythe. She run toward it and, a few feet away, Taranus lay on his back, motionless. Eliza gasped and ran as fast as she could toward him, her feathers ruffling and seeming to puff up to almost twice their size. She fell at his side and whimpered, brushing her hand over his hair. "Taranus…" She whispered. He slowly opened his eyes and groaned.
"Eliza?" He muttered. Eliza gasped again and hugged his head tightly.
"Taranus! I thought you were dead!" She exclaimed. He softly hugged her arm and enjoyed hearing her breath beside him. He felt numb almost but the more he held her the more he felt good about being alive. She shifted her legs against him and he suddenly cried out. "What, what? What's wrong?" She asked. He groaned and held his side.
"My side…I…erg…Kaiseth…" He couldn't speak past the pain, wincing and trying not to blackout as the acid started burning again. Eliza slowly went under his armor and unhooked the straps that kept it on. She slipped the top off and examined his wounds. She grimaced at his blood, but became wide eyed as she found bite marks. The bites held a black-green charred look, the color traveling up and down his side.
"Taranus…he bit you?" She asked. Taranus reluctantly nodded and hesitantly looked into her horrified eyes. "We have to get you help." She said almost as if to command him. He groaned and fell back to the ground with a thump.
"You're panicking for no reason. The acid is only burning a little and it's stopped traveling through my body. The infection's dead. I just need bandages to heal." He said staring at the stars again. Eliza examined his wounds again and scowled as she found he was right. His skin was blackening but didn't seem to be traveling to anything major.
She traced the veins down his side and up to his ribs. She was amazed to find a few green veins going into his wing. She scowled and looked back at him.
"Can you get up?" She asked. He looked at her with a small grin, a touch of humor in the gleam of his eyes.
"I really don't want to." He said. She smiled and kissed his cheek.
"The warriors need to know you're okay. We need to our leader." She said, putting his armor in his hands. He smiled back at her and sat up. He sighed and looked past Kaiseth's body to another body. Eliza followed his gaze and let out an exasperated breath.
"They still have disappointment to behold. Langer was gone before I even found Kaiseth." He muttered. She looked away and whimpered a little.
"I knew I should've stopped him…" She whispered. Taranus looked at her and cocked his head. She wiped her cheek and sniffed. "He was standing by me on the cliff. He walked off and I knew what he was going to do but I just let him go. I knew he was going to kill himself." She muttered. Taranus held her tight and stroked her hair.
"It wasn't your fault. He would've lived in ruin if he had lived. Letting him go saved him from self destruction, to me." Taranus said. She sniffed again and nodded.
She helped him up and tried to help him walk as best he could. His left seemed partially paralyzed as he tried to step, his leg bending only slightly. They started walking toward the camp, barely seeing their way through the darkness. Only the lights from the lanterns at the top of the plateau gave them a clue of where they were going.
Taranus looked down at the ground as he passed the scraps of armor and black limbs and puddles. Seeing it all made his heart sink a little as he realized how much was lost. He knew Eliza was the only hope he had now. She was the only one that he knew already accepted him.
They stepped up to the plateau, finding the Angels all resting and awaiting their return. Some of them looked over and smiled happily.
"Taranus! You're alive!" One of the woman exclaimed. They started cheering and swarmed close. Taranus jolted back a little, thrown off by the sudden feeling of claustrophobia. Eliza smirked.
"Guys, guys, stop it! You know how much we've all been through tonight. Do you think…we could save the celebration for later?" She said.  Lauran, the woman from before, pushed her way through the crowd and blew her hair out of her face.
"General Eliza, do you need medical supplies? I have some in the scientists' tents." She said with a sincere smile. Eliza nodded.
"Yes, yes. I'll meet you there in a moment. Everyone, go rest up. We have a lot of clean up to do in the morning." She said. Taranus yawned and nodded. Everyone nodded with him and groaned at the thought of battlefield clean up. Eliza started walking Taranus toward the tents and he slowly started falling asleep as he walked. "You know, you're not even in your bed yet, right?" Eliza said, giggling a little. Taranus smiled and snuggled into her hair.
"But you're so soft. You are all I need for comfort." He muttered, wrapping his wing around her. She giggled more and softly pushed on his arm.
"Oh shush." She stepped up to his tent and helped him through. "Lie down and wait for me to get back. Don't do anything until then, okay?" She said sitting him down on the cot. He gave her a 'yes, ma'am' nod and put his head against the pillow. She smiled to him and slowly went out of the tent. He sighed and put his arms over his head. The silence he had forgotten about finally set around him. A silence he had never had for years because of the Acid's commotion. He finally felt the relaxation was not far into his future.
"Everything is going to look up…" He muttered to himself. He tossed his armor next to the small wooden box next to him and wiggled into the comfort of his wings. An expression of simple pleasure crossed his face as he found a nice spot to stop wriggling and squirming. He felt like a small child enjoying his bed too much because he mother left him alone. He yawned again and closed his eyes.
He stirred a little as his side had a small twinge of pain. He groaned and shifted a little.
"There is no use trying to escape the pain, Taranus." A voice suddenly hissed. His eyes shot open and he jolted up, recognizing the voice. He looked around frantically but found only his empty tent. A laugh echoed in his head, another hiss and high pitched screech sounding. "I am not around you. I am in you. You didn't believe me when I said we would never truly die, did you? Dead men tell no tales, but within a host the ghost still lives." The voice said, still laughing. Taranus grabbed his head and clawed into his hair.
"No…no…please, no…" He whispered shaking his head. The voice laughed louder, the high pitched scream echoing in his ears.
"Don't ignore me!" It yelled. Taranus cried out as the pain intensified and he started squirming again, but in pain. He heard his name yelled outside of the tent. He kept screaming, the pain burning all down the left side of his body. Eliza busted into the tent, carrying a white box of medical supplies.
"Taranus! What's wrong?!" She cried putting her hands on his shoulders. He shuddered and kept shaking his head.
"Make him stop! Make him stop screaming!" He yelled, arching on the bed and cringing in pain. Eliza looked around him and felt terrible, she had no idea what he was talking about.
"Who's screaming?" She asked. Taranus looked at her with deep blue eyes. He huffed and kept cringing.
"Kaiseth…" He whispered. Her eyes widened and she went to the box she had carried in. She pulled out a syringe with a clear liquid.
"I'm going to knock you out. You'll stop feeling the pain and hopefully…you'll stop hearing him." She said hesitantly. He grabbed her arm tight and pulled her close. She winced and looked into his eyes. His eyes wavered and he bit his lip.
"Please…just make it stop…" He whispered. She quickly put the needle into his arm and pushed the syringe quickly. Taranus' eyes darkened and his eyes rolled into the back of his head. He fell back, quiet and motionless. Eliza's heart beat in her throat as she stared at him.
"Kaiseth…how…?" She brushed her hand over his cheek and sighed. His body was relaxed now and his breath was slowly calming to a slow pace. She got up and looked to his left side to look at his bite. The wound seemed irritated but hadn't traveled anywhere more. She hesitantly started cleaning it, careful not to make the wound sting anymore than necessary.
All the time she cleaned, she thought of how Taranus must have fought hard to kill Kaiseth but she could only imagine what he must've said to him to make him freak out. She had never seen Kaiseth in person, let alone heard him speak. "He must have been truly sinister to make Taranus crack." She said to herself.  Staring at the pale green veins in his body made her wonder about something else. If the Acid warriors died because of Kaiseth's death, what would happen to him if he carried the Acid line now?
She groaned and tied a bandage around his side. "Need…sleep…" She muttered laying her head on his wing. She yawned and stroked the feathers she laid on. They fell asleep in the silence, Eliza's and Taranus' face twisting into a face of displeasure. Nightmares clouded the air of the tent…

Taranus rubbed his head and opened his eyes. He blinked a few times and looked down to see Eliza against his feathers. He smiled and yawned. He listened for a moment, hearing the chatter of people around the camp. He put his hand to Eliza's forehead and brushed the flat strands of golden hair from her brow. She softly stirred, nearly nuzzling into his wing. She opened her eyes and rubbed her cheek.
"Good morning." She muttered, putting her fingers in his. She looked into his eyes and had a thoughtful shine in the ice blue of her eyes. "Did…did Kaiseth speak to you again?" She asked hesitantly. He scowled a little.
"Yes, but…only in my dream." He muttered. She cocked her head curiously.
"What was your dream about?" She asked. He rubbed his forehead and raised his eyebrow to her.
"…do you really want to know? It's not fruity and happy." He said. She rolled his eyes and waved her hands. He sighed and clawed at his eyes. "Uhg…fine. I finally remembered what happened at my original camp. The one where on of my men destroyed it by blowing it up." He said sighing. Eliza shuddered a little.
"I thought…you repressed it far enough not to remember it." She said. He shook his head.
"I remembered enough to know exactly what happened. The man had been shifty since he entered the camp. He wanted to be in the middle of the fight at all times but never truly understood that there was a consequence in trying to throw your self into the middle of hell."
"The men never truly trusted him but since he was under my command they never said anything. They figured I could handle him myself. I kept him in sight but…apparently not well enough. That day, I was patrolling the camp during the night with one of my comrades. Sadly, I can't remember his name. Only a brief glimpse of his face. Red headed. Freckles. No one would have believed he was a person of war."
"Anyway, we heard someone shouting on the other side of the camp. Vulgarity and swears were being shot back and forth like breath itself and we both looked at each other confused. The men had never come unhinged like that ever. We ran over, but not before were all blindsided by an explosion. I lost consciousness instantly but brief images flashed back to me every so often."
"I remember seeing the camp a little. Nothing but rubble and corpses. I had no idea so much destruction could be caused by a simple explosive. No one told me how it was made or if he had even tried to commit suicide or just blow the camp itself. I was mainly content on losing consciousness the entire time because I didn't want to see anything. They were all gone."
"Then…I saw you. The angel that seemed to be over me in my time of need. Little did I know you were actually an angel. Beautiful wings, beautiful hair, and beautiful eyes. And then…I was in the hospital." He stopped and sighed. Eliza's eyes were teary and her fingers trembled.
"Taranus…I…I'm sorry. I knew they meant a lot to you." She said. He laughed a little and looked up to her. His eyes were lighter than had ever been as he looked into her eyes.
"That was the past. This is now. You are what's important to me now." He said. She smiled wide and hugged him tight.
"Stop being lovey and mushy. It doesn't suit your strong manly physique."  She said kissing his lips. He softly kissed her back and turned off of the bed. He winced a little and looked at his side. He ran his fingers over the bandages and unfolded his wing. Green feathers were at the bottom of it and were only near his back. He groaned a little.
"So much for being perfect." He muttered. Eliza huffed and tapped his forehead. She pulled him up by the arm and got him to stand.
"Don't start being self-conscious now. You've still got an army to lead." She said. He scowled and slowly limped to the front of the tent.
"That sounds like so much fun." He said, sarcasm oozing out of his words. She sighed and helped him outside. The sun suddenly washed over them as they stepped outside. Warmth and clean air filled them and made the atmosphere seem more like a simple walking area, not a battlefield.
This is the first part because DA wouldn't take the whole freakin' thing. Well I've had the idea for this story for about five years. It all started with a song called Acid Warriors by Spacewalk. I would send a link to the song but I can't find it...
Part 2. :[link]
Angels and Acid belongs to ~SkyPirateWolf
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fffff sorry for the wait i was working on bios and stoff to read all of these but they are epic 8D <3 keep up the good work o3o
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No need to rush. I understand. Believe me this story is the second longest I have so it'd take forever. XP Anyway thank you. This is one of my favorites. ^_^ :heart:
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